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The Law offices of Doug Ecks, Esq. are primarily focused on assisting clients who have been charged with infractions, misdemeanors and felonies.  Our offices are never afraid to take a case to trial.  Often times the best results have come on the very eve of trial.  Although each case is unique and past performance is no guarantee our office has successfully reduced many DUI charges to reckless driving by being unafraid to set a case for trial.

Our offices have also gotten charges completely dismissed or reduced to an infraction for many clients.  Call 714 290 1103 today to schedule a consultation.  Our office has represented clients on charges as varied as Exhibition of Speed, petty theft, Felony Burglary, Resisting Arrest, DUI, Being in a Drug Area, Drug Possession and Assault and Driving on a Suspended License.

If you are currently facing charges or have an old case with a warrant that you have been avoiding taking care of call 714 290 1103 or email





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